lunes, 29 de octubre de 2012

Halloween for everyone!

Hi all!
Halloween is coming, only a few days left for the scariest night of the year.
This time I want to pay special tribute to those industry peers. We celebrate Halloween illustrating!

I've spent a few days checking my contacts and hunting these monsters of Halloween to give you know these artists =)

If you want to follow them on their Facebook pages only have to click on their names and make them fans =)

- First I present illustration of Peter Coviaco, with this beautiful watercolor illustration. He earned 900 "likes" on their facebook page.

It's worth it?? =)

- The second illustration that was hunted to Eunjung June Kim, I particularly like, is funny and fun, do not believe?

- Terry Runyan is my next hunted. Who does not like kittens for Halloween?. My post could not be complete without kittens =)

- A family of mice that are not scary but tenderness, they are Chanani Nidhi Illustration. The pumpkins are not always evil face.

- Monica Carter gives us a good book on witches. I recommend that you go into your blog for details. If you want to survive this terrifying Halloween you will need =)

- Aleksandra Chabros.... I love these cats so pretty...^_^ Also you can buy postcards, bookmarks .... and a whole lot more in store. Congratulates this Halloween in the most original!

- My next capture is a kitten again .... this time of Anne, dear and gentle =)

- And finally postcard Shirley NG Benitez. I love the way you use watercolors .... I'm your fan Shirley! = D

- Finally you can see the beautiful illustration of Halloween to thank the 500 fans of Veronica Alvarez, precious truth? Her face is so beautiful and the scene is well lit ... =)

These are my contributions for Halloween, what you kill you?
I hope you enjoyed my selection, and thus your portfolio illustrators ampliéis

Do not lose sight of the blog this week, because I have prepared terrifying news

Muhahaha ha (laughter terrifying hihihihi)!

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  1. Thank you for including my Halloween cards and showing next artists I've just started following ^^

    1. Thank you very much! I love your pictures and the products you sell! thank you for follow me ;)!